Rachel Cordaro

Mark Making a solo show

Rachel Cordaro
You don’t know how precious vulnerability is until you release it with confidence!

I wanted to elaborate on the night that will have my heart forever. I would catapult myself onto a stage. That stage would offer up my expressions in the form of writing and painting and guess what? It was magical! All the love and support I felt was humbling and fuel to keep creating in an honest way! You don’t know how precious vulnerability is until you release it with confidence! I did just that. About six months back, I found a roll of canvas leaned up in my basement. I quickly grabbed it and felt compelled to use its remains in pursuit of making something new. Something uncharted and unfamiliar. I had no preconceived vision. I grabbed oil pastels and poured paints onto my pallet. With each rich pigment, I became aware that this was a journey I was meant to take. My paintings were mirroring life as I knew it. One by one a story organically would unfold, it had to be a divine appointment! I was like a surrendered paintress with a voracious appetite to stay creating this theme of…me. The second layer of my show would be articulated through words which I’ll share in a moment! Tending to each painting felt freeing, I realized I wasn’t thinking while in the throws of laying paint and vigorously coloring withal pastels. I was using primal raw inspiration and doing it the only way I only knew how. My technique would be my soul. Each oil pastel was a translator to express direct emotion — no time for the traditional way with solvents and dawdling. I had a message to relay, and I needed it to be done in one gesture while I was emotionally engaged and attentive to what this painting was showing me. I would custom mix acrylic paint to perfect my mind's color wheel. I would use different utensils, and in all this, I was introducing myself to an uncharted territory that I felt compelled to ensue. After I felt emptied of making all this new artwork I decided I wanted to share them! I thought on a name that would encompass the paintings and I call it Mark Making!

“Each time your brush hits the canvas or your pencil makes a line; you are making a mark. It is a fundamental element in making any art, and it is how we begin to express emotion, movement, and other concepts we wish to convey in an artwork. That is Mark Making.”

-Marion Boddy-Evans 

There are a beginning and completion to everything, we aren’t always present for both, but proof of the process is evident in art, life, and creation! This body of work indeed chose me; I did not select it. I found myself being led to create each painting in an orderly, organically,  and a predestined timeframe. Serendipities and spiritual breakthroughs have poured into each picture. Surges of inspiration, experiencing life and its board game qualities. Speed bumps, puddles, reap, gather, move ahead three spaces but wait your turn. Great days are torn with anxious waiting rooms of life, then erased with stillness in quiet meditation.

I am in a classroom learning much. I am at times breathing calmly, mind at ease, letting the gentle current of God’s plan lead me. Other times a filter of turbulent waters and uneasy fallacies can exhaust me. But God is always there. Renewer, intentional, and steadfast.  I am still creating new things. Beautiful things. He gives strength. He makes a way. I am new, and my branches are stronger as I dismantle deadwood — my paint strokes bolder my mind a landscape that sees prosperity and growth. Vibrant erratic colors blanket the base of my canvas, could it be that seed is in the soil? I invite you. Why hide? All of us are here with the same experiences. When we know that, the sun appears. It warms the back, and we don’t feel alone. On paper or canvas and in life, we are all mark makers. 

The mystery isn’t so mysterious when it’s a relatable experience. -Rachel

Special Thanks to Stacy K and Ally for making this experience feel effortless, Frameworks for the gorgeouse framing as usual! Cordell my other half for supporting me in everything I do and being my safe haven, Amelia for baking her delightful macarons, Each of my special friends and family members for always backing me with sincere delight! And lastly to all who came out to hear my voice translated on canvas and in word!

Rachel’s solo exhibition was at the Courtyard in the Factory between Stacy K Floral and Nosh Restaurant! Russell Street Rochester NY

Painted Flowers & Paper Flowers Oh My!

Rachel Cordaro

I received a unique handmade gift today from my friend Emily; her paper flowers were the missing piece to my art display! Emily Anne paper flowers make the perfect photo wall; who doesn’t love a great photo wall opportunity? An elegant backdrop for wedding vows, a backdrop for gift opening at a bridal or baby shower as well! To find out how to book a flower wall for your next special occasion or to purchase a custom piece visit Emily's Instagram Emilyanne_flowers you'll be glad you did!

Roses and Peonies wall display by:  emilyanne_flowers

Roses and Peonies wall display by: emilyanne_flowers

Me and Emily being proud of ourselves!

Me and Emily being proud of ourselves!

I love how our flowers compliment each other!

I love how our flowers compliment each other!

I love to collaborate and share talents with other fellow artists!

I love to collaborate and share talents with other fellow artists!


Rachel Cordaro
This pottery is meant to be loved and for everyday use! Dishwasher safe, Oven safe, Microwave safe, and of course Food safe!

It has been so inspiring to get acquainted with this bisqueware pottery! Sketching and applying underglazes as well as the sheer surprise of how each came out of the kiln was an experience in itself! Each piece of pottery is one of a kind! Whether you choose to use them for functionality, mounting on a wall, or displaying on a perfectly perched shelf, it’s up to you! It was a pure pleasure creating each one, and I hope they will bring that same joy to you!

Click Here to see all of it!

Rachel is keeping very busy!

Rachel Cordaro
I am so grateful to be one of Parkleigh’s top 50 Vendors! Here is a short Q & A on the subject!

Rachel Cordaro started off with just a few cards in our MacKenzie-Childs Department. Our customers loved them! We quickly expanded her selection and her art pieces have developed quite the following! Rachel’s brand is now one of our top 50 vendors!! Out of the 1,000s of brands we carry her art and vision is really speaking to our guests! We love supporting local artists and are thrilled by Rachel’s success. Our MacKenzie-Childs manager asked her some behind the easel questions to find out about the blooming success of her floral art. 

What’s your current inspiration?

My current inspiration has truly been the gift of being an artist for a living. I draw my creativity from the settled heart that can create any time it wants to and that is a beautiful thing! Sometimes my weeks are packed with errands, deadlines or on occasion hoisting up art tents, while schlepping artwork here and there but I do it with a smile and a Starbucks if I can juggle it. The majority of days I experience the things dreams are made of at home in my art studio. The walls are a Hydrangea blue with morning light pouring in. Not a huge space but those 4 walls nurture a special place that I can paint, stare at a half finished painting in my comfy chair with a mug up to my lips thinking what stroke I should make next. I’m happiest in messy clothes, messy bun and paintbrush in hand whether it’s on canvas or pottery! Some days I don’t go in my studio to work I spend the day reading, walking through nature, or soaking in some sun and laughs with the people I love! I live by this motto…"Leave room for inspiration and the mood to create will present itself!" I am truly getting to do what I believe I was made to do and that is create art!

You offer your art so many ways! What’s your favorite medium or piece of work? 

My favorite medium is defiantly heavy bodied acrylic paint! I love the way it mixes with other colors on my pallet, the thick layers sit atop the canvas giving another dimension to my florals! Some of my favorite colors include Bronze yellow, Parchment, Mississippi mud and Midnight Garden. My favorite piece of artwork I have ever painted is a large magnolia painting that hangs in my art studio called “Flower Market” I guess I like it because it was one of my first Magnolia paintings I ever did and they are my favorite blossom!

Why do you like selling at Parkleigh?

I love selling at Parkleigh because their boutique carries lots of the things I love! I grew up coming to Parkleigh and was dazzled by the character of the building. Everyone can agree it’s a treat to walk out of Parkleigh with a bag in hand, it just makes you feel happy! I can’t believe I am now one of Parkleigh’s top 50 vendors! 

My Shop is all ready for SPRING!!!

Rachel Cordaro

Today I went to my shop in Greece NY. The Shops on West Ridge 3200 West Ridge Rd. and Spring-DIFIED it!!! I am looking forward to the warmth of the future months and even tho I have been sooooo busy creating during these looooong winter months it some how didn’t feel like work at all! I am stocked up with tons of paintings, prints, greeting cards, table linens, hand painted pottery and pillow covers! I also have a wonderful variety of Cordell’s work in the shop as well! With Easter and Mothers Day around the corner there is something here for all your special people!!! Hours are Thursdays- Sundays 10am.-6pm. Happy Spring Everyone!!!


Table Runners are finally HERE!

Rachel Cordaro

It has been so fulfilling to follow my dream creating new functional accents for the home! Most recently I have come up with six different table runners for another crowd pleaser…I mean who doesn’t love a good table runner? I had so many requests for them and after creating my first batch of the rectangle table clothes I quickly was made aware that woman LOVE to dress up their kitchen and dinning tables! It’s no wonder the kitchen is the heart of the home and my heart was poured into every brush stroke and color choice that made up these textiles! Each table cloth and runner has been machine printed making them super durable (not hand painted) made from waterproof high quality polyester fabric and is machine washable and dryable, steam iron on backside. these new creations make the perfect final touch to any table setting! Casual, charming, elegant and cheerful there is a design for everyone! Stay tuned for round table clothes coming soon! Click here to shop table runners!

Rachel's at The Shops on West Ridge Space #304 first floor!

Rachel Cordaro
booth 304

booth 304


I recently visited the Shops on West Ridge as I have several times before, but on this visit a new and fresh idea popped in my mind! Perhaps it would be a fun adventure to rent a spot to sell all things Rachel! I quickly asked for some info and the next day found myself shaking hands with the owner to start as soon as May 2018! I am excited to see if this is a good fit for me. So I hope you'll come see my space and tell your friends too! Here is a little about it, The Shops on West Ridge is a fun and unique shopping destination for any and all hunts for treasures from vintage white milk glass to wood farm tables or that nostalgic something from a special time in your past! With 200 shops on two levels and a friendly environment you'll be happy you checked it out! I like that it provides a place for people to come see what I have in between my art festivals and a convenient place for quick gift ideas etc. Their hours of operation are Th-Sun 10am-6pm. You can find my space on the first floor make a right when you walk in front doors and I am #304.

to see more on the Shops on West Ridge Click Here!

The Long Winter months...

Rachel Cordaro

HI Everyone! I trust you are having a beautiful winter! This winter has seemed a little more nostalgic and bright to me! The Sunny days mixed with confectionary sugar snowfalls is the stuff Hallmark movies are made of. I know that sooner or later I'll trade in my cheerful outlook and duck boots with a plea for the smell of Australian Gold sun tan oil and 80 degree weather. No worries tho! I got ya covered...Throughout the long winter my website will have a large amount of original artwork for sale here along with lots of other goodies such as my pillow covers, prints and collaborations between Cordell Cordaro and I. Stay well and have a very Happy New Year!

 See you soon this summer!

Sincerely, Rachel xo


My dreams came true!!!

Rachel Cordaro
Rachel Pillows-0077.jpg

There's a saying you eat with your eyes first! Well I happen to think you sleep with your eyes first! That's why I wanted to create a line of euro style bed shams/throws that married colors and textures that made me wanna hibernate! I am a floral paintress and it is my passion to bring to you a custom mix of dreamy flowers with rich colors. My new shams are the perfect addition to your bedroom and living room! These new 26"x26" pillow covers are much larger than the previous ones I have available. A cotton polyester blend is the perfect texture to introduce these shams to complement stone washed linen bedding as seen is my photos! It has been so fulfilling to see this dream come true. My vision soon became reality with the diligence and passion fueled by a supportive husband, family and friends! I can't wait to continue pursuing more home accent possibilities in the future!
A very Special thanks goes out to My husband Cordell without you I couldn't have done this. You were my sanity and my bridge! Thanks for listening to me mull over ideas and weigh options to myself aloud in hopes you heard in detail all I was saying, even the words I was thinking and expecting a swift respond like all woman do...

Mom for being my biggest fan and jumping up and down with me when I showed you the finished product!

Faith for having Faith!
My friends for celebrating with me throughout the process and making it feel super special!
Gigi thank you for the Starbucks, admiration and love you have given me!
Kate Foster for making the final part of this operation magical and capturing my vision with your trusty Canon!

Fun Instagram Collaboration!

Rachel Cordaro

A few weeks back as I sat with a cup of coffee the mood to create a new business opportunity struck! I was scrolling through instagram and a beautifully curated home interior page caught my eye! I immediately felt the need to reach out to her and ask if she would be open to a collaboration! To my surprise Angela of AngelasCozyHome wrote me wright back eagerly willing to accept my offer! Here are a handful of images taken by Angela of her daughters beautiful new room that has my Iris painting in them! The best part is I made a new friend and her favorite flower is the Iris a special flower she holds dear to her heart!

click image to look at album!

"Bella Forza" "Beautiful Strength"

Rachel Cordaro

Watch Cordell and my interview about the breast cancer donation we created together for the 2016 ARTrageous Affair that was recently auctioned off for the cause!!

This video was created by the people listed below!
It was a pleasure to work with each of them and the Gala was a true success and we accomplished what we set out to do! Make a painting that raised lots of money for the BCCR and made people smile!
Thank you!!
The Martino Flynn team consisted of:
Charlotte McCabe – Group Creative Director
John Marianetti – Executive Producer/Director
Drew Damtoft – Video Editor
Lisa Hare – Associate Creative Director
Matt D’Angleo – Digital Creative Director
Production partner was Aaron Gordon/ Director of Photography, Optic Sky Productions.


Rachel & Cordell Cordaro are in this years Homearama July 15th-24th

Rachel Cordaro

2016 Homearama is produced by the Rochester Home Builders Association. This years home tour will be located at Wilshire Hill Pittsford, NY.

Cordell and I were asked to be a part of the 2016 Homearama and when we heard what Jennifer from Aristo Company Home Builders had to say we were THRILLED!!!

Her vision was to have an art studio in their model home 20 Aden Hill Pittsford, NY to be exact! Cordell and I had a blast claiming a room for a his and her art studio! This particular home has lots of Rochester artist's works adorning the space making it truly a unique home viewing experience! Don't miss out Homearama is July 15th-24th.

Here you can see our his and her art studio on display at 20 Aden Hill in the 2016 Homearama in Pittsford, NY

Here you can see our his and her art studio on display at 20 Aden Hill in the 2016 Homearama in Pittsford, NY

Here is another original painting of mine on display at Homearama!

Here is another original painting of mine on display at Homearama!